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2015 IoM 100 miles

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Isle of Man 100 miles
15-16 August 2015

Once again, the Isle of Man put on a splendid race. The venue in Castletown proved to be a success as the town turned out to support and encourage all the athletes throughout the weekend.
Thanks to the hard work of Robbie Callister, Jock Waddington and Steve Taylor and a host of volunteers. The whole weekend was a resounding success. They even managed the weather - which was perfect for walking.

As ever, nothing goes to everyone's personal race plan and favourites abandon for various reasons. But with such a race as a 100 miles, it is all about getting to the start and starting the race - this  always takes such great courage. No shame for those who never make it to the finish.
Thirty two new Centurions qualified  and all Centurions send you their congratulations.

For the memory - You Tube video of the race (apologies if you wanted to forget all about it!)
Chris Flint writes:
To have so many new Centurions at one event is quite exceptional and once again shows the determination of people of all ages to achieve this tough challenge. It was good to see participants from a number of different countries.
The organising committee together with the sponsorship of Tower Insurance worked very hard to make this a most enjoyable event and a highly competitive one too with the race lead fluctuating during the 24 hours. In the end Vinny Lynch C.1107 won in an excellent time of 19.14.21, with Janette Morgan the first lady in 20.23.11 who finished strongly.



Tower Insurance Open 100 Mile Walk 2015 – Centurion Awards and Trophies
1. Vinny Lynch
2. Michael Bonney
3. Andrew Titley

1. Janette Morgan
2. Karen Chiarello
3. Sandra Brown

The Wilkinson Sword - UK race winner: Vinny Lynch C1107
Hammond Trophy - 1st male existing Centurion: Vinny Lynch C1107
Bristol ‘Unicorn’ Trophy - 1st female existing Centurion:Janette Morgan C1117
Hew Neilson Trophy - 1st new Centurion: Michael Bonney C1135
Brian Scrivens Memorial Cup - The first new female Centurion: Karen Chiarello C1136

Eddy McNeir Trophy
Awarded to the first MALE competitor aged 65 or over on the day of the race who completes 100 miles in 24 hours: Richard Brown C760

Chas. Shelley Trophy
Awarded to the first FEMALE competitor aged 65 or over on the day of the race who completes 100 miles in 24 hours: Sandra Brown C735

Bill King Memorial Trophy
Awarded to the youngest competitor to finish: Hattie Thomas aged 22 C1164

Sunday Dispatch Trophy
Presented to the Open Winning Team (RWA trophy kept by the Centurions): Manx Harriers A.C. (Robert Curry C1138, James Quirk C1140, and Chris Cale C.1050)

Ko van der Kwaak cup
Match between the Dutch and British Centurions for existing Centurions (up to 6 to score based on finishing positions): Great Britain win with finishers in positions 1, 3, 3, 6, 10, 18 (42 points)
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