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Cath does it again!

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Published in Race news · 18 February 2020
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Cath Duhig at the Spanish 20km Champs
Torrevieja, 16 February 2020
Centurion and veteran (V65) athlete, Cath Duhig, now domiciled in Spain, took part in the 20km race in Torrevieja (Murcia)
Cath's time was an amazing 2:08:50.

Full results of the Spanish 50km & 20km including Masters Championships [pdf]

below - Cath at the finish...

Also competing was UK/US Centurion Christer Svensson - noted in the News section.

Cath was also a recipient of yet another award and in her own words... "An unexpected award. They had designated something for people who had a achieved a certain % over 5k last year"
Well who can argue with that!
photo: Felix Villar (thank you!)

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