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Continental Decurion walks

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Published in Centurion news · 5 May 2020
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We can't compete in the Continental Centurions race in May, but....
You can take part in a "virtual" almost 100 mile race.  Just slightly a few miles less!

Continental Decurion
Decurion june 13-14, 2020

From  the RWV website:
A nod to the Walking Weekend with the Centurion competition that could not take place this year.
Because it is not possible to do a walk together at this time, the RWV wants to organize an individual, recreational 10-mile Decurion walk as an alternative.
Not in Rotterdam, but with yourself in the immediate vicinity. Just a relaxed sporty walking tour.
Not 25 or 40 kilometers or similar, but 10 miles (16,093 km) as it suits you.
For anyone who signs up and walks the 10 miles according to the regulations, there is a Continental Decurion medal and a walking plaque sent by post. A diploma will be sent by e-mail.
These Decurion walks take place on June 13 and 14.
All participants post messages themselves, or via the organization, on a special Facebook page, which means that we are still active together, but each in its own environment.

Competition / performance race
For the walkers who want more than just walking, there is the Decurion Competition. You do not necessarily have to racewalk, but you can also just walk on. It is of course the intention to cover the 10 miles at once. And that is allowed on June 13 or 14. We understand that without GPS it is difficult to cover exactly 10 miles (16,093 km), but it is possible to plot one or more laps on a programm on the internet. If you walk too much, please tell us that distance and time by email or on the Facebook page, and we will calculate the time back to the correct distance.
Participants in the competition will receive a medal and walking plaque by mail and a diploma stating the time achieved by mail.

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