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New UK Athletics Guidance

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Published in Sport · 15 May 2020
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UK Athletics training guidance...

Following the publication of the new UK government guidelines on exercise we have been working with UKA and other stakeholders to create three guidance documents for our registered athletes, runners, coaches and athletic venues. These procedures apply to England only and are based on government guidelines detailing the use of public spaces, outdoor activity and exercise:

1. Guidance for athletes and runners return to activity
2. Guidance for coaches and leaders return to activity
3. Guidance for athletic venues return to activity

England Athletics website and click on links for specific guidance

In a nutshell...
England Athletics is advising that group activity does not take place during this first step due to the requirements for social distancing.

At this point in time athletics and running coaching activity can take place on a one-to-one basis only (i.e. one coach and one athlete OR two athletes with no coach present). These two individuals do not need to be from the same family household, but both must adhere to the latest social distancing guidance.

Athletic outdoor track and field facilities should only open at the discretion and with the consent of the facility owner, provider or contractor and we advise that everyone abides by the government guidance to Stay Alert.

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