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Relaxation of outdoor sport in France

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1 May 2020
In France:  An individualised resumption of sport for all French people
The Minister recalls the need for the French to practice a sporting activity both from the point of view of well-being and of everyone's health. The practice of physical activity and sport is a public health issue all the more so in the crisis we are going through.
Nevertheless, on the recommendations of the High Council of Public Health, a specific physical distance between the practitioners is an essential condition for the practice of physical activity.
These activities can be done:
  • Without limitation of duration of practice
  • Without certificate
  • Within a home distance limit of less than 100 km;
  • By limiting gatherings to a maximum of 10 people;
  • Outdoors ;
  • And without benefiting from the changing rooms which can be made available for outdoor activities.
The specific criteria for distance between people are as follows:
  • a distance of at least 10 meters between two people for cycling and jogging activities;

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