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About Centurions Worldwide

About us
Centurions Worldwide - who we are...

The Centurions, as a racewalking community, began in 1911 in the UK and now, well over 100 years later,  there are several countries around the world which hold their own 100 mile races and have formed their own Centurion association for athletes who complete 100 miles within 24 hours in a judged race.

The Centurions Worldwide Community website brings together all Centurions from across the globe with a common interest of long diistance walking.

Along with plenty of tips from experienced racewalkers for those who want to join us!
We hope that many race walkers/walkers will aspire to join this unique community.
And not least of all, the website aims to pull together results from the many races over the years to form an "athletic archive" of ultra distance race walking.

Definition of a Centurion
The "Centurion" status orginated in the UK in 1911 and the "official" (British) defintion is....

“A Centurion is one who, as an amateur, has walked 100 miles within 24 hours in the United Kingdom in a judged competition held under race-walking rules in an event approved by the Centurions.”

Whilst this definition hasn't changed, there is now an agreed criteria attached to what the Centurions expect of the organisation of a 100 mile/24 hour race and which should be approved by each and everyone one of the Centurion organisations.

The rules governing race walking are set by the IAAF (International Amateur Athletics Federation) and national athletic bodies.

Whichever country a Centurion race is held in, our aims are the same: to foster and encourage 100 mile racewalking events. And of course, maintain close contact with each other.  

Our philosophy is that walkers should aspire to realise their mental and physical potential through long distance walking. See our page  Why Walk?

Of course, the British Centurions are rightly proud of their heritage and hope that their standards can be be applied by other Centurion organisations.  
Usually there is only one Centurion qualifying race held each year in each country and some are held in conjunction with a 24 hour running race - but generally there is someone on hand to judge the racewalkers.
Many Centurions do like to take the opportunity to qualify as a Centurion in each country!
To date (November 2019) Sandra Brown has managed to gain a Centurion number in all the Centurion overseas races.  As the Malaysian race is no longer organised, Sandra's position is unassailable!

The latest addition to the "family" is Africa which held their inaugural race in October 2016.
So the next best targets are now the races in the following six countries:

Centurion Vereniging Nederland - Dutch Centurion Association (CVN)
The Centurion Vereniging Nederland (C.V.N.) was founded on the 12th February 1966 and is comprised of Dutch and Belgian walkers who have qualified as British Centurions (and not to be confused with the Continental Centurions)
It's aim is to stay in contact with each other and to represent the Dutch and Belgian contingent of Centurions. Each year they hold a reunion meal to which all Centurions are invited.

In numbers....

  • British Centurions  1209
  • Continental  Centurions  484
  • United States Centurions 94
  • Australian Centurions  80
  • African Centurions 39
  • Malaysian Centurions 28
  • New Zealand Centurions 27

  • Total number of Centurion badges awarded  1961
  • Centurions with multiple badges  315   ie 20.4% of the Centurion family
  • Number of unique Centurions =1542

UPDATED October 2019 courtesy of Rob Robertson

Latest list of multi Centurions
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