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Australian Centurions

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The Australian Centurions, established in 1971, are a very active group consisting of Australian walkers as well as many British, Dutch, Belgian and US Centurions. [See the list of Australian Centurions below]

The founders decided that the office of President and Vice President would be for terms of 2 years and rotate through the membership in order of Centurion number.
This ensures that all members had the chance to serve the club in an official capacity.

Tim Erickson is the Secretary and he produces an excellent and informative Newsletter each month full of reports and photos from races at home and further afield - see the list opposite.

Tim also organises the 24 hour Coburg races which are qualifiers for the Australian Centurions.

The 2020 Australian Centurions 24 Hour Qualifier will (provisionally) be held on the weekend of 18-19 April 2020 in conjunction with the Coburg 24 Hour Track Carnival. Read more on  the  2020 Qualifying Event.
Latest news from Tim is that entries are building up!  
"Amongst early overseas entries are Dutch walkers Arie Kandelaars and Remy Van Den Brand. Arie already has 4 centurion badges to his name (African C19 2016, UK C1185 2017, NZ C24 2017 and US C92 2018) while Remy has 2 badges (Continental CC433 2016, African AC12 2016). They will both be keen to add the Australian badge to their collections. This will be Remy's first visit to our race but it will be Arie's third visit, after attempts at Coburg in 2018 and 2019."

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