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Sandra Brown C735
Sandra is the most prestigious Centurion race walker IN recent times and rightly deserves the many accolades she has received over the years.
Sandra completed her 200th event of 100 miles (or longer) on 30th March 2019 just a couple of days shy of her 70th birthday.
Sandra qualified as a Centurion at the Leicester 100 in a time of 22:18:24.  The same year she completed the LDWA North Downs Way 100.

Since then, Sandra has completed 52 Centurion races: 32 UK races and 20 overseas Centurion races in:
  • Australia C.36
  • Malaysia C.7
  • Netherlands (Continental Centurions) C.131
  • New Zealand C.4
  • South Africa  C.9
  • USA C.50
Not all of Sandra's events have been Centurion 100 milers. Many have been over trails (off road events) including UK Long Distance Walking Association (LDWA) 100 mile events and cross country trail events at home and abroad.

Sandra in action in Bourges at the French National Championships, February 2019
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