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Centurion race results

Race walking > Race results > Centurion race results
Race results and reports are organised by "Centurions Qualifying" races in each country

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic - the only Centurion race to take place in 2020 was in New Zealand > race report and results

It's not a complete list at the moment - but we are working on finding as many results  possible!

Ultra races
There are many races worldwide where Centurions have taken part and these are listed separately at > ultra race results  whihc include:
  • 24 hours races in the rest of the world
  • multi day races,
  • 6 hours/50km/12 hour races
  • and hopefully anything that the ultra distance walker would like to do!
We are trying to record as many 100 mile/24 hour ultra races as possible for posterity. So please do get in touch if you have any "missing" results.
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