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Race the World
Centurion races around the world...

With six Centurion qualifying races held around the world, there are plenty of 100 mile race badges to choose from!

Usually there is only one qualifying race in each country every year (although the USA sometimes holds two!)

Many race walkers now strive to gain as many Centurions "badges" as they can over the years and so we maintain a list of "multi Centurions"  
But just walking 100 miles in 24 hours in one judged race is as good as it gets!

Check the links opposite to discover information where they are and the fixtures page to see when they are.

France has a good number of 24 hour race walks and there is bound to be a Centurion or two competing!

But of course, there are also a great number of ultra races (and challenge events) held around the world which many Centurions do take part in.
However, not all of them are are judged race walks, but that doesn't deter us! Many do, though, have a "walking category" with separate results.

See our:

Centurions races around the World.....

Check the links below to discover information where are races are held....

Race the World in the following countries:

The fixtures page lists all upcoming races

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