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Centurions worldwide

Race the world
Centurion races around the world...

Race the World in the following countries:

Lots to choose from!

Usually there is only one qualifying race in each country every year. Many walkers now strive to gain as many Centurions "badges" as they can.  
Ok, it can be expensive travelling to these races across the world, so you are excused if you don't want to do this. Just walking 100 miles in 24 hours in one judged race is as good as it gets! You will be (almost) unique.

check out  the list of multi-Centurions

2019 October (after the African Centurion race)
2019 September (after New Zealand)
2019 August (after Castletown, IoM)
(the table is maintained by Rob Robertson)

2019 June (courtesy of Rob Robertson) [pdf]
2019 April (after Australia and courtesy of Rob Robertson) [pdf]
2018 October (after New Zealand, courtesty of Ruud Lien)

Centurion Vereniging Nederland - Dutch Centurion Association (CVN)
The Centurion Vereniging Nederland (C.V.N.) was founded on the 12th February 1966 and  is comprised of Dutch and Belgian walkers who have qualified as British Centurions (and not to be confused with the Continental Centurions)
It's aim is to stay in contact with each other and to represent the Dutch and Belgian contingent of Centurions. Each year they hold a reunion meal to whihc all Centurions are invited.

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