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Gerald Manderson

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Amongst the greats: Gerald Manderson (NZ)
Gerald has amassed a fair amount or records during his athletic career.
This page will (in time!) record his amazing career.

March 2018 - Gerald Manderson completes his walk from Perth to Melbourne
New Zealand based Australian Centurion Gerald Manderson (C31) added to his long list of athletic achievements, completing a solo walk from Perth to Melbourne in 80 days. His challenge was to complete the walk by the coastal roads like the pioneers - no cell phone, no emergency beacons, no GPS, no support crews, no camels, no way of contacting his family.
He headed off from Perth with the first day's temperature reaching 35C. He was carrying a 37kg backpack (much of it filled with water) and the experience left him shattered. He soon swapped his backpack for a small trolley which he pulled for the remainder of the trip. Gerald averaged 100 hours per week pulling his trolley, with a typical day taking 15 hours at 4 kph. There were occasions when he walked all night in an effort to beat the heat.

from the Australian Centurion website
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