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History of race walking timeline

Race walking
19th century
-Pedestrianism was founded. Pedestrianism was a form of competitive walking. The origin of the Race Walking is in Pedestrianism.

-Robert Barclay Allardice walked 1.000 miles (1.609,344 km) in 1.000 hours.

-Emma Sharp walked 1.000 miles.

-Walkers organised the first English Amateur Walking Championship, which was won by John Chambers.

-6 Day Race became a standard footrace distance.

-In the UK, member of Parliament Sir John Astley founded a "Long Distance Championship of the World" or 6 Days World Championship.

-Race Walking was included when the International Olympic Committee formed in 1893.

-In the 1904 Olympic Games (St. Louis, USA), the "all-rounder" event, father of the decathlon, included an 880-yard walk.

-Race Walking first appeared in the Olympics Games (London)

- Brotherhood of Centurions (UK) was formed

1932  Olympic Games Los Angeles (USA)
50 KM Men Tommy Green (Great Britain)

1936 Olympic Games Berlin (Germany)
50 KM Men Harold Whitlock (Great Britain)

-New IAAF Rule said that "during the period of each step in which a foot is on the ground, the leg shall be straightened at least for one moment". Modern Race Walking born.

1960 Olympic Games Rome (Italy)
50 KM Men Don Thompson (Great Britain)

1964 Olympic Games Tokyo (Japan)
20 KM Men Ken Matthews (Great Britain)

2012 Olympic Games London (Great Britain)
50 KM Men  Dominic King (GB)

2016 Olympic Games Rio
50 KM Men  Dominic King (GB)

2017 IAAF World Championships London
50 KM Men  Dominic King (GB)

2019 IAAF World Championships Doha
50 KM Men  Dominic King (GB)

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