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There are quite a few Centurions who are or have been Olympians. Or, conversely, Olympians who are Centurions!

Olympians who have been Centurions include Frank O’Reilly (C276) (competing for Eire) who qualified in 1958 also on the Leicester to Skegness. Don Thompson (C631) (Olympic gold medallist at 50km in the 1960 Rome Olympics) qualified as a Centurion in 1978.
The latest Centurion who has competed in the Olympics is Dominic King (C1098). Dom competed in both the 2012 London Olympics and the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

C2    Jack Butler (Polytechnic Harriers)
1908 London Olympics 10 Miles Walk; 3,500m Walk

C10 Tommy Hammond (Surrey Walking Club)
1908 London Olympics 10 Miles Walk

C12 Bill Brown (Polytechnic Harriers also Surrey Walking Club)
1908 London Olympics 10 Miles' Walk (disqualified).

C175 Rex Whitlock (Metropolitan WC) Brother of Harold Whitlock MBE
1936 Olympic 50K gold medalist.
1952 Helsinki Olympic 50K - Rex came 4th.

C276 Frank O'Reilly (Lozells Harriers)   
Competed in the 1960 Rome Olympic 50K for Eire.

C376 John Kelly (Millrose AA)  
1968 Mexico Olympic 50K Competed for Eire (did not finish).

C631 Don Thompson MBE (Metropolitan WC)
Gold medalist in the Rome Olympic 1960 50K.

C778 Brian Adams (Leicester WC)
1976 Montreal Olympic 20K.

C1064 Ian Richards (Steyning AC)
1980 Moscow Olympic 50K.

C1098 Dominic King (Colchester Harriers)
2012 London Olympic 50K
2016 Rio Olympic 50K (DQ'd)

Commonwealth Games Centurions
There are also Commonwealth Games Centurions - notably Ron Wallwork and Bill Sutherland...
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