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Race walking Newsletters

Race walking

Race walking news from around the world

Many race walking organisations and clubs publish news on a regular basis. These may take the form of a pdf newsletter published on a Club's website or race walking website publishing news as when it happpens...

The newsletters are not all about Centurions or ultra events, but they do cover race walking as a sport - which is important to ensure race walking is still a viable sport in the 21st Century.

News from....
Centurion Footnotes
edited by Tim Erickson. 2015-2020 issues on the Australian Centurions page; older issues available on the Australian Centurions website
Heel & Toe
available on the Victoria RWC website

Centurion Captain's Newsletters
traditionally a "Christmas Letter" from the Captain and 2012-2018 saw more regular newsletters emailed to all Centurions.
2005-2018 newsletters are now available on this website
Race Walking Record
available online at: Race Walking Association
Surrey Walking Club Gazette
2009-2020 (January) available on line: Surrey Walking Club

Rotterdam Walking Club (RWV)
RWV website newspage - latest club news
OLAT website - newspage - latest club news

see also the LINKS page for more clubs and organisations
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