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Races in France

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In France, there are several 24 hour race walks which are qualifying events for the prestitigous Paris Alsace (previously Paris Strasbourg/Paris Colmar) and where many notable Centurions have participated over the years. These races are also selected for for French National Championships at both 24 hours and 100km.

There are, of course, many other ultra races in France - some are judged race walks, some have walking categories and others are just running races or "go as you please" races.

Paris Alsace qualifiers
  • Bourges 24 hours: 23rd edition in 2020 is the French 100km national championship  More information
  • Chateau Thierry 24 hours: 44th edition in 2020 is the French 24 hours national championship race. More information
  • Le Rond des Ducs - Dijon > More information
  • Le Grand Est > More information
  • Wadelincourt 24 hours ( Belgium!) 29-30 August 2020 (qualifier for Paris Alsace 2021)
  • Roubaix 28 hours (qualifier for Paris Alsace 2021). The Roubaix 28 hour race is indeeed a classic race in the long distance calendar. Read more on the race

Originally, the qualifying races for Paris Strasbourg/Colmar were 200km (and even longer in some years) in 24 hours,  but for the last 20 years or so, not many walkers actually managed to reach 200km within the 24 hour limit, so the distance of 200km distance was dropped and a 24 hour time limit was introduced.

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There are many other long/ultra races in France from multi hours to multi days....
Race walks (Judged):
  • 8 hours de Charly sur Marne (about 15km from Chateau Thierry) This race takes place in February and is a good warm up for Bourges 24 hours. [The 2020 edition was abandoned after 7 hours due to bad weather]
  • La Voie Sacree 57km and alternates: Bar le Duc-Verdun / Verdun-Bar le Duc, 11 November each year (public holiday in France)
  • 6 Jours de France: 6 day race (both running and race walking) a team 24 hour race. Held mid-late August.

Other races
  • 24 hours de Montguyon (run and walk) June.
  • Royan- 12 hours, 24 hours and 48 hour races. All races incorporate both categories of running and walking. It is not a judged walk, but at least walking is recognised! The course is a dirt 400 metre track with many twists and turns plus a bit of tarmac path. It is, however,  a well organised event with camp beds supplied in the gym area. Tables for all athletes are also provided (under cover) plus a well stocked feeding station.  Held in October. Weather, though, can be harsh!
  • No Finish Line (Monaco) -  8 days and 24 hours. Basically, it's a charity event which also incorporates team events. Held in November. No walking category.

Note-more events will be added when details are known.
many of these race are listed here:

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