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Belgian ultra races

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Belgian ultra races
Many Belgium ultra race walks tend to be aligned either to France, for the Paris Alsace qualifying 24 hours,  or to the Netherlands for Centurion qualifier 100 miles and for shorter championship races.

24 hour races
Belgium has hosted several 24 hours/200km races over the decades -  all qualifiers for the Paris Colmar/Paris Alsace race
  • 1986 Le Mons 200km
  • 1986 Chapelle lez Herlaimont 200km
  • 2009  Graide.
  • Wadelincourt

results from some of these races at Ultra Race Results

Every two years, the 24 hours of Wadelincourt  was held as a Paris Alsace qualifer which was organised by Pascal Biebuyck, himself a Paris Alsace finisher.
The judging  is taken care of by French race walking judges headed up by Huges Pannier as Chief Judge.

The race was cancelled in  2020 and sadly,  2022 was the last race.

other race walks

The Belgian 20km and  50km championship race walks are usually held in conjunction with the Dutch Championship races which are held in Tilburg (NED) in October.

Challenge walks
Belgian Walking Association
Belgian walkers also take part in a "challenge walk" each year which many Dutch and Belgian Centurions (and other walkers) take part in. These walks are organised by the Belgian Walking Association.  
2019 saw many Centurions complete the Napoleon 100km walk. Previous walks have been the Tour of Flanders (2017) and the Ghent-Wevelgem (2018).

The Dodentocht (Death March)  100km walk which takes place every  August in Bornhem, near Antwerp. The walk is open to runners and walkers and starts at 2100 on a Friday evening and has a 24 hour time limit. Route map pictured left

more challenge walks
This trail was opened in 2019 and starts on the Belgian coast at Nieuwpoort and finishes 1000km later in Pfetterhouse on the French/Swiss border.
Details and downloadable maps at

Euraudax is another organisation which holds walks of various distances
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