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French ultra races

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French ultra race walks

There are many  ultra races in France - some are judged race walks, some have walking categories in running ultras and others are just running - "go as you please" races.

Several 24 hour race walks are qualifying events for the prestitigous Paris Alsace (previously Paris Strasbourg/Paris Colmar) where many notable Centurions have participated over the years.

These races are also selected for the French National Championships at both 24 hours and 100km.
The Paris Alsace race

Over the years the Paris Alsace (and its previous races - Strasbourg, Colmar, Ribeauville) have held qualifying races for walkers to be selected to compete in the most prestigious of all ultra race walks.

Paris Alsace qualifying races (at 2022 )

  • Bourges 24 hours  
  • Chateau Thierry 24 hours
  • Le Grand Est - Domremy la Pucelle to Epinal (Vosges)
  • Roubaix 28 hours. The Roubaix 28 hour race is indeeed a classic race in the long distance calendar. > more on Roubaix

  • Wadelincourt 24 hours ( Belgium) has been held for several years but 2022 was  the last edition of this race

Originally, the qualifying races for Paris Strasbourg/Paris Colmar were 200km (and even longer in some years) in 24 hours,  but for the last 20 years or so, not many walkers actually managed to reach 200km within the 24 hour time limit, so the distance of 200km distance was dropped to a 24 hour race.

Read more on the Paris Alsace and the qualifying races

All the races are listed on the fixtures page
Results of these French races are posted on the ultra race results page

Apart from the Paris Alsace qualifying races, there are other 24 hour and ultra races in France.  

Race walks (Judged):
  • 8 hours de Charly sur Marne (about 15km south of Chateau Thierry). This race takes place in February and is a good warm up for the Bourges 24 hours.
  • 8 hours Etampes de Marne. Held in November - usually the last weekend
  • La Voie Sacree 57km and alternates each year between  Bar le Duc-Verdun / Verdun-Bar le Duc,  on 11 November each year (a public holiday in France)

other 24 hour race popular with French ultra walkers.
  • Monguyon 24H - held in June.
  • Villenave 24 hours - held in August.

French ultra races also include many multi hour and multi day events - some have walking categories with race walking judges in attendance.
The 6 Jours de France 6 day race is popular with some British Centurions.

Royan, on the west coast of France holds a 6H,12H 24H and 48H race in October. This race is mostly on a dirt athletic track  with a short stretch of tarmac path. This has a separate race walking section but is not a judged walk, but at least walking is recognised as a separate competition!
The course is a dirt 400 metre track with many twists and turns plus a bit of tarmac path. It is, however,  a well organised event with camp beds supplied in the gym area. Tables for all athletes are also provided (under cover) plus a well stocked feeding station.  Held in October. Weather, though, can be harsh as it is on the Atlantic coast!

The 6 Jours de France has been held in various locations over the years, starting  off in Antibes and the brainchild of ultra runner Gerard Cain. Held in Privas (Ardeche) for several years, the race venue moved to Vallon Pont d'Arc in 2022.
Incorporated into the 6 day race over the years  -   72H, 48H 24H and a 24H relay. Something for everyone!
Several Centurions have competed in these races since 2014. Read more on the 6 Jours de France.

Challenge walks
There are many "Challenge walks" covering a wide range of distances.
  • 4 days of Chantonnay  - each day a distance of up to 42 km. Another popular walk which offers a  good training opportunity.

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