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Centurion race walking around the world
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links to races, walking clubs and associations
Centurions round the World
Walking Associations & Federations
OLAT (organises the Continental Centurions race held in Weert)
RWV (organises the Continental Centurions race in Schiedam, Rotterdam)
Scottish Athletics
CVN Centurion Vereniging Nederland (Dutch & Belgian walkers who have qualified as British Centurions)

Malaysia - link to our page for list of Centurions who qualified as Malaysian Centurions

Ultra Racing websites
Racewalking Australia (not recently updated)
Marchons (In French) for race walks in France
New Zealand
Ultra Ned Dutch - lists ultras & marathons
DUV  (Deutsche Ultramarathon Vereinigung) German ultra running statistics database
- includes walking results

Challenge/long distance  walking groups
Facebook groups
IML - International Marching League - for challenge walks around the world
LDWA Long Distance Walkers Association UK - anything from 10 miles to 100 miles

[an account is neccesary to access Facebook]

Centurion Worldwide Walkers (private group)
Manx Race Walking
Racewalkers Across Australia
Racewalking New Zealand
Racewalkers all over the World
Race Walking Group

Race the world
Centurions Worldwide Community
Race walking
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